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Shakti Hormann Limited

Doors, with uncompromising quality

Shakti Hormann Limited -Doors, with uncompromising quality

Shakti Hormann Limited (formerly Shakti Met-Dor Ltd) was incorporated in 1988 primarily to manufacture steel doors, windows, and other building material products to cater to the global construction industry.

Since 1994, Shakti Hormann has established itself as one of India's leading producers of Hollow Metal Doors. The manufacturing plant is situated at Gagillapur village, R.R. District on the outskirts of Hyderabad with over 250,000 Sq.ft of manufacturing and warehouse space...more

Environmentally conscious

Hörmann not only uses environmentally friendly procedures for foaming, using 100% CFC-free PU rigid foam, but also with the colour coating of the doors. Ultramodern regenerative exhaust filter systems greatly reduce the energy required.